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Patricia Janečková

In December 2010, thanks to a record-breaking number of votes, she became an absolute Winner of a Czecho-Slovakian talent show Talentmania, in which she gained favor and appreciation in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. An exceptionally gifted 13-year-old opera singer PATRICIA JANEČKOVÁ (1998) has been singing since the age of four and she is an exceptional appearance on the current musical scene. The professional public exalts her enormous musical maturity, pure intonation and cultivated voice above all.

Of all the musical genres she was particularly fascinated by opera since her early childhood. She experienced her first contacts with the opera stage as a member of Antonín Dvořák Theatre’s Opera Studio in Ostrava. At the age of 10 she won a casting of Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava and she got her first chance to sing with a symphonic orchestra.

In December 2010, she became an absolute winner of Talentmania. During the following year the debut CD album recording in cooperation with a musical composer, conductor and producer Oskar Rózsa and also her first all-evening recital with a big orchestra within the Viva Musica! festival took place. At present she is attending private singing lessons with popular Czech opera singer and pedagogue Eva Dřízgová-Jirušová. She is going to study opera singing abroad after she finishes elementary school.

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